Welcome to The Ruralpreneur

Join the virtual co-working & coaching membership for rural women in business.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are an Aussie Female Ruralpreneur 
  • You are looking to beat isolation 
  • You want to grow your network
  • You want to be more productive in your business or side-hustle
  • You want the opportunity to learn new skills from various experts

If you tick any of these, it sounds like you ARE ready!

“Join a community of female Ruralpreneurs, ready to connect, network, learn, grow and work along side each.” - Samantha Meurant

Benefits of the community

Co-work from anywhere

Learn & swap knowledge



The details:

What is a virtual co-working membership?

The concept of co-working spaces is not new, in the traditional sense it is a physical location, where you physically go to the space to get work done, then sit at a desk and interact with people throughout the day.

With a virtual co- working space, you get to work from wherever you are, at home, in the paddock, on holidays. You don’t physically sit in the space but you get to benefit from online tools and resource within the membership. You get to connect with people from around Australia and you have more opportunity to be kept accountable. You also get to learn from experts in order to grow your online business. 

What are the benefits of a virtual co-working space?

Like that of a physical co-working space you are kicking the feeling of isolation and loneliness. You get to feel part of something bigger, while getting to do what you want with your business. It is a flexible and low cost option of being able to learn, connect, grow and be kept accountable for your business goals. 

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